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GP5 / GN5

Heat Output Rating


Boom! All of a sudden it happens. A product comes along, and there go your socks. Knocked completely off. First, let’s break down what these heaters are not. They’re not diesel heaters. The GN5 burns natural gas, and the GP5 burns propane (LPG). They’re not one heater. While a future model may come along that can switch from natural gas to propane with the flick of a switch, it’s not this heater. It’s not wasteful. Check out the video below. These heaters waste NO fuel, whatsoever. They are 100% efficient, and burn so clean that they put your gas cook top to shame. There. That’s what they are, and what they’re not, all in one paragraph.

If you’re using tube heaters or torpedo heaters (gasp!) you need to take a good hard look in the mirror. Consider tube heaters the heating equivalent of a long-term politician. All they do is waste, waste, waste.

= Heat Output Rating Heat Output Rating

Recommended Uses

Okay, even though they’ve got wheels, we probably wouldn’t push them too far. When you’re plumbed into a natural gas or propane line, it kind of limits your free spirit. Think of these as replacements for whatever permanent heat you’ve got now.

  • Construction Sites
  • Barns
  • Aviation Hangers
  • Personal Workshops
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Machine Repair Shops
  • Showrooms

Really, the list goes on. If you’ve got a big space you need heated, these have the potential to dramatically impact your heating bill.

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  • GP5 / GN5 Brochure
  • GP5 / GN5 Part Breakdown

Product Specs

Heat Output

  • 144,000 BTU
  • (42.2kW)

Heat Type(s)

  • Radiant

Fuel Type

  • GN5: Natural Gas
  • GP5: Propane/LPG

Fuel Consumption

  • GN5: 137 CFH/6.1lbs/hr
  • GP5: 55.8 CFH/6.6lbs/hr

Tank Capacity

  • None (Direct Line)

Operating Time

  • GN5: Limitless
  • GP5: Limited by size of tank

Power Source

  • 120V
  • 60Hz

Power Consumption

  • 120W-Ignition
  • 120W-Operation

Noise Level

  • 60dB (a)

External Dimensions

  • 35.3 x 31.7 x 30.3 in

Dry Weight

  • 108.1 lbs

  • 3A Fuse

  • Overheat Protection

  • Photocell Flame Monitor

  • Tip-Over Switch

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