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Here’s a quick tip! In work settings, it’s not uncommon to simply unplug the appliance you’re working with when you’re finished. For instance, the power drill, the fan, whatever. If a flip of the switch is good, unplugging it at the wall is better, right? It means you’re killing two birds with one stone: turning off the equipment, and unplugging it so you can store the equipment. However, when it comes to the VAL6 diesel-fired, portable radiant heaters, you can shave years and years off its lifespan if you don’t click that “off” button.

See, built into each of our VAL6 heaters, there’s a shut-down procedure that takes place when good little boys and girls press the “off” button. The pump stops, the fire goes out, the ignitor sparks its last, but the fan keeps turning. This is all to do with one of the most expensive parts of the heaters: the radiant disk. That fan turning knows exactly at what speed to cool down the disk. Without the fan cooling the disk at the manufacturer-recommended speed, the disk will deteriorate at an unnatural speed – then you get to buy a new one. Check out our Parts Store if you’ve already been there, done that.

For your VAL6, it’s vital that you, and everyone using it, utilize the “off” switch. But, don’t worry! It’s not like you need to hang around while it cools down. Just flick the switch, and walk away. It will be ready for you in the morning!

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