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The primary reason for the disk cracking on your VAL6, diesel-fired, portable, radiant heater would be a plugged fuel nozzle. The reason a fuel nozzle can get plugged as a few scenarios:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

1) Perhaps you filled up the tank with dirty fuel from a fuel station.
2) Maybe the fuel container you’ve filled up the tank with has contaminants in it.
3) If you’ve ever unplugged the VAL6 while in operation, instead of turning it off at the switch, thereby allowing it to properly shut itself down, this can plug the nozzle.

Because the nozzle has such a fine hole through which the fuel is sprayed into the chamber, even a slight plug in an effect quite like you plugging the end of a garden hose with your thumb. The fuel sprays everywhere except where it’s supposed to.

Due to the preciseness with which the VAL6 was designed and manufactured, if things aren’t working the way they should inside the burn chamber (or anywhere else, for that matter) you can get problems like this. Over time, fuel spraying erratically in the chamber, and subsequent irregular flame in the chamber, can cause premature deterioration of the disk, and then it can crack.

A partially-clogged nozzle can also cause fuel to drip-drip-drip from the nozzle, onto the insulation cone. Over time, these drips can build up and may eventually cause flames to shoot out the front of the disk during operation. If this ever happens, first, turn off the VAL6. Then, reposition it outside (to avoid smoking up the inside of wherever you’re working, if you’re working inside). Turn it back on, and let the fuel “burn off”. This won’t harm the heater, though it might look like it would. Once the flames die back, replace the nozzle and fuel filter. (For assistance, see the video below.) You may also have to drain and clean the fuel tank.

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