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So you’re ready to tell the world about your VAL6 heater and you want to make a video that really gets the message across? Great! Here are a few quick tips to make sure your viewers get the most out of your message, so that you can collect some ‘thank-you’ checks in a hurry.

Step 1: Record in High Definition (HD)

Most smartphones with cameras have this feature set by default, but if you’ve ever messed around with your settings, you might want to ensure that you are at least recording in 720p, and preferably, 1080p or 4k resolution.

Also, the rear camera on your phone is undoubtedly going to be better than your front camera. The only downside is that you need someone around to do the recording.

Step 2: Use the Buddy System

You’ll take a better video if you have a friend or relative helping you. They can ask you these questions to spark your memory, so that you’re not lost for words when the time comes. (Just ensure that they ask you the question, then they pause and go silent to allow you to answer the question without them talking over the top of you.)

If you don’t have a friend, go ahead and take the video with your front camera on your phone, or use a stationary camera on a tripod, and print out the questions to read to yourself and answer as if someone is interviewing you.

Step 3: Show Us the Heater!

In addition to having your friend or relative ask you some questions, make sure you’re near your heater. Perhaps pull up a chair next to it if it’s one of the big ones. Or, if it’s one of the smaller ones, or if you have a friend to help you lift, put the VAL6 up on a workbench and stand next to it. Try to ensure that the VAL6 logo is visible in the shot.

Go ahead and touch the heater affectionately as you reminisce about the good times you’ve had with it. Like the time you avoided frostbite and your VAL6 was there to help you!

Step 4: Don’t Edit

We can totally take care of that. You just get us your footage and we’ll do the slicing and dicing. We’ve got an expert team ready to take your film and turn it into a Hollywood-worthy masterpiece. Expect an Oscar nomination in the mail!

Step 5: Upload &/Or Send

If you’re recording in HD and you’ve let the camera roll on for a bit while you do your talking, chances are you’re going to have a size-able video file. This is when you want to get in touch with us. Call 866-369-3020 and we’ll help you sort out the right place to upload it. It’ll be as easy as opening up a link and dragging the file into a Chrome browser.

An alternative is to grab yourself one of these, pop it in your computer, drag the file into the drive folder, and then mail the flash drive to:

Midwest Best Equipment
℅ Testimonials
663 N 132nd St
Ste 104
Omaha, NE 68154

As a word of warning, you won’t get your flash drive back. It will go to flash drive heaven, to be with all other flash drives who are good and decent.

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